How to Display Awards on a Wall (Including Medals)

How to Display Awards on a Wall

An award is not something available or cheap. It acknowledges your dream, struggle, opportunity, luck, and success. It is not easy to get an award. So, every person in the world wants an award so that people can recognize him easily. An award is a symbol of honor. It proves that you have a standard enough level of power, energy, and skill.

Since a plaque or an award is very special during your lifetime, it is natural that you want to display it on a wall to remind you of your value and achievements. It becomes an issue if you do not know how to display your awards on a wall. But do not worry. It is me to help you and share with you some methods that you can smartly display your beloved awards on your wall. In fact, this task is very easy and enjoyable. It will not make you feel bored.

How to Display Awards on a Wall?

Since there can be many categories of awards, you should be attentive to display them all in the appropriate place according to the demand. Suppose you have many sports awards categories, then set them according to these categories. On the contrary, if you have some awards based on the creative activity, then arrange them on a specific wall. However, if you have gained some awards for the excellency of your academic life and career, then do not forget to place them altogether on the same wall.

It is crucial to maintain the light around the awards. If you place your awards on a dark wall where there is no sunlight or artificial light, it will be an injustice. So, you have to ensure that you place the awards in a place with enough lights.

You need to follow some steps to display your awards on the wall.

Step 1. Gather All Awards:

You have to gather all awards and citations you intend to display. Then, collect your graduation tassels, medals, sashes, or pins to determine the shadowboxes that you require. You need to arrange shelves and measuring tapes for other items and trophies. Measuring tapes is important to determine the depth and size of the shelves you require.

Step 2. Select The Style:

Now, select a material, pattern, or frame style as your wish. Then make two-dimensional frames out of contact paper that you can accessorize wood frames or simple plastic frames. After that, you have to include an artistic touch in your display. However, it is essential to have a grouping of solid black frames that can bring a polished style to the assortment. A grouping of solid black frames also can create a professional presentation for a reception area or an office when accented with gallery lights.

Step 3. ShadowBoxes:

In this step, you have to make style shadowboxes with a patterned paper background featuring the alma mater’s shades. At this point, you can also include some other design, like a sports motif for your baseball awards or parchment for your writing awards. After that, you have to accept the pins, medals, and a prized ball. Team pictures or sashes and trophies with the high school letter jacket. You can accent the graduation cords, also.

Step 4. Proper Framing:

You have to cut the frames for your frames from the contact paper with the help of a cutting mat and craft knife. Then, lay out the contact paper on the cutting mat and cut out a square or rectangular frame.

It is time to measure the frame to be four wider on each side than your frame or awards that you are complimenting. So, you will get the illusion of a mat without the expense. Before applying the adhesive-backed paper to your wall, you should use cutouts into the contacts paper or etch designs with your craft knife to create a vinyl decal that you have repositioned.

Step 5. Create Shelves:  

In this step, you have to create shelves with pieces of plastic or some objects like old books, serving trays, or empty picture frames. You should include some small blocks of wood and adhesive hooks to the shelve you will create. It is time to add interest and drama to the display by repurposing unusual items like shelve to display awards. To avoid wall damage, you should use self-stick plastic hooks.

Step 6. Use Laser Stud:

Using a laser stud finder, figure out your wall studs to hang weighty awards and plaques. A level enables you to ensure that each award is with the floor and creates an even appearance. Then you need to hammer penny nails into the studs for some lightweight awards and use screws with your wall anchors for some weighty awards.

These are the entire process of displaying your awards on your wall. With these steps, you can display these awards instantly, and there ai no risk of wall damage. In fact, these methods are ideal for displaying awards or plaques on the wall.  

How Do You Display Medals on a Wall?

Medals are something that holds your talent and strength. Since achieving any award is not so easy, you must keep them in place properly.

It is a good decision to hang the medals on your wall. A wall can hold the glory of the medals very well. You can create a framed medal college or hang them on your wall according to your preference.

For Creating a Framed Medal Collage

If you want to display your beloved medals on the wall by creating a framed medal collage, then firstly, you should disassemble the medals that you want to display. So, by removing any attached pins or ribbons, you have to gather the medals and begin disassembling the ones you want to display on your wall. Then you need to create a flat surface on the reverse side of the medal so that you can easily attach them to your frame board.

You have to purchase a large frame to cover the backing fabric of the medals. So, remove the wood or cardboard back of your frame. Then wrap the frame backing with the help of a sturdy craft fabric like canvas or burlap. You have to be careful to fold the edges over the corners of the board. Then use staples to attach the medal fabric to the frame backing. You can also use a hot glue gun to attach it.

At this point, you have to arrange the medals and attach them with a hot glue gun. So, place the medals in an interesting pattern on the fabric-covered surface of the frame. Then plug in your hot glue gun and insert a glue stick. Then allow the glue to stick to the medal’s back and flip the medals over. Now, press the medals firmly to allow the glue to set. 

The other way to display your medals on the wall is to hang them.

For Hanging the Medals on the Wall

If you want to hang the medals on your wall, then purchase a display shelf with some hanging hooks to keep the medals attached to a wooden strip that runs underneath the shelf’s length. You can hang the medals with ribbons from the hooks if you cannot place them on the above shelf. 

Now, construct a wall hanging with your sports awards. So, you have to drive nails straightly into the wooden handle items like hockey sticks or baseball bats and hang them from your wall with the help of some picture hooks. Then tie a string around both sides of the medal objects like tennis rackets and golf clubs. After that, hang the string on a picture hanger nailed to your wall. Slide the medal’s ribbons onto the sports items and create a beautiful display by hanging them on the wall. 

How Do I Display Work Awards?

If you gain awards from your excellent works or carrier impression, then you should also display the awards to get motivated. It can be a signal to the management, colleagues, and clients so that they can understand you are so dedicated and committed to excellence.

When you have so many work awards but do not have enough space to hang them all, then choose the most meaningful one or two to display on the wall. You can display the work awards on your desk, in a case, on your shelf, or in a frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Display My Awards Without Hanging Them?

If you do not want to display your medals or any awards by hanging, then paint a long simple baseboard. Then nail them. After that, paint some loonie store letters and then glue them on properly. At the last stage, take the hard-earned awards out of your drawer or box and then hang these beautiful awards up.

How Should I Mount My Awards?

It is very easy to mountain the awards in a proper way. You should place your medals or any awards first at the left of the bar. Then you should place the remainder of the ribbons so you can overlap the awards equally on the right.

How Can I Display My Army Awards?

There are some rules and regulations to displaying an army award. According to the army protocol, you have to place the highest honors to the top left in order of precedence. You must keep the awards of the same category together. In this case, you have all the stars with the highest rank to the top left. After that, you have to place patches, pins, and ribbons.


It is the greatest honor for a person to achieve any award for their excellency. You can gain an award when you can prove yourself. So, it is your duty to keep the medals in a safe and honored place.

If you have a lot of awards, then use a display shelf with some hanging hooks. You have to hang medals with ribbons on this display shelf on the hooks. Then place the other wards on this shelf. Arrange ribbon medals in your showcase box and pin your awards to the shadow box backing. However, you can also place some awards in a military coin case, such as ribbon medals.

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