Can You Lick a Himalyan Salt Lamp Without Poisoning Yourself

Can You Lick a Himalyan Salt Lamp

From the fancy kitchen to gourmet dishes, and from bathtubs to your bedroom, the Himalayan salt has made its presence known all over the world.

It can be used in foods, just to make them look more colorful rather than their salty texture. So a lot of us use it on baking goods, garnishes, and whatnot in the kitchen.

Beauty products also come with Himalayan salt. Most of them claim it is packed full of earthy minerals than sea salt itself. There is even Himalayan bath salt.

What is more interesting is that there is a Himalayan salt lamp! And it can do a whole lot to your house than just sit around.

But as it is, a block of salt, you might be tempted to take a lick on it. But can you lick a Himalyan salt lamp? Is it safe? We are going to talk about that today.

Can You Lick a Himalyan Salt Lamp

Before you put something in your mouth and body, you should always know about the content itself. Otherwise, you might get food poisoning and a booking in your toilet.

A Himalayan salt lamp is just a big chunk of Himalayan salt. It is hollowed in the middle and there is a light placed in it. So you can light up your room with an amber-like hue.

This not only provides light but also has purifying and mood-changing abilities. At least what the experts say. Though not medically proven.

Apart from many other claims, the salt itself is made out of not only salt, but also magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium. This is what brings out the pinkish hue in the salt. Otherwise, it is just salt and acts and tastes like one.

Harvested in the mountains of Pakistan, it is a product of transformation and contains different elements in it. Making it more impure than natural salt.

So if you are thinking if you can lick your Himalayan salt lamp, our advice is don’t. It will taste salty, of course. But is it healthy to do so? Not so much.

Apart from yourself, your pet and children can also be tempted to lick the lamp. So it is a good idea to keep it out of reaching them. Rather keep it as a lamp and its aesthetic value. 

You can always buy edible Himalayan pink salt if you really want to consume it. It is food safe and won’t harm you in any way.

Can I Eat My Himalayan Salt Lamp

Yes, you can. But it would damage the lamp. As salt has the tendency to degrade after it is exposed to a water source, it will slowly disintegrate into nothing. 

So to keep the lamp as it is would be a good idea rather than eat it. Also, there are a lot of impurities in the lamp. As Himalayan salts are processed before it is certified for consumption, the lamp is not good enough to be eaten.

Can I Lick My Salt Lamp

For the sake of fun and curiosity, you can lick your salt lamp. But make sure it is not plugged in or is too hot to bear. You might get your tongue burnt in the process. 

And frequent licking might end you up with a hole in the lamp. So better resist yourself from licking it and have the aesthetic value of the lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lick a salt lamp?

Yes. For curiosity, you can lick your salt lamp. But make sure it is unplugged and the temperature is not hot. Or you might burn your lips and tongue. At the same time, make sure it is dried again otherwise the moisture will destroy the lamp.

Is it bad to lick a salt lamp?

Yes. Salt itself is very vulnerable to moisture and water. Your tongue will produce the same amount of water that can destroy the lamp gradually. And if you don’t dry the lamp afterward, it will disintegrate over time. So it is better to not lick it in the first place. 

Is it safe to lick a salt lamp?

If your lamp is unplugged from the power socket and isn’t hot, then you can lick it from curiosity. But frequent licking of any salt substance may cause salt poisoning to you, your children, and your pet. So better stay away from doing that and keep it out of reach of your children and pet. 


A Himalayan salt lamp is more of a lamp rather than a lickable. You can always go for the edible version of it. Or even a jawbreaker. But licking something that is intended for a lamp would be a bit absurd. Especially when it is prone to moisture. So unless you want a destroyed lamp, you should keep yourself from licking it. 

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