5 Ways on How to Cap a Gas Lamp Post

How to Cap a Gas Lamp Post

Gas lamp posts have been with us for a very long time. From 1802 it started popping up in the London streets and the rest is history. 

Having one of these historical pieces in your yard or home can make it more elegant. It is not only a piece of lighting equipment at this point but art from the past. 

How people used coal energy to transform it into gas and then power up this magnificent thing is a wonder. 

But if you are worried about your gas lamp leaking or any health issues, we are here to tell you that these are perfectly safe. Only if you know how to cap a gas lamp post. 

Don’t know what that is? We are here to explain it to you. 

How to Cap a Gas Lamp Post | Indoor and Outdoor

Gas lamps have been in use for centuries now. And you will still find them in a lot of old states. 

Before everything electricity, these were the very best thing to light up the streets, yards, and even inside homes. 

If you have some in your home or yard and are thinking about safety measures, here are a few things you will need to know. 

Gas lamps, unlike any other fuel-generated light sources, use gas as fuel. If you have a gas line in your home, chances are your lamps are also connected to the same source.

That is how they were put together in the first place. To get the most out of it and to keep everyone around it safe, you have to cap them securely. 

There are a few ways to do that. Here are the best 6 ways you can cap your gas lamp post indoors and outdoors. 

1. Cast Aluminum Gas Lamp Cap

Starting with the absolute best in safety, function, and durability, the cast aluminum cap is the best in the market to cap your gas lamp post. It comes with a leak-proof function that works efficiently. And with time, there is no worry of rust and damage. You can use this cap in both indoor and outdoor gas lamps. 

2. Permanent Flanged Mounted Gas Lamp Cap 

One of the best kinds of gas lamp caps would be the flanged mount cap. They are securely shut once and for all. There won’t be any way to temper with the lamp. This is why they are mainly used indoors. You can even use them outdoors if you want. But remember, they are permanent after installation and you won’t be able to adjust anything later on. 

3. Permanent Pressurized Lamp Cap

Another great cap for your gas lamp would be the pressurized cap. If you are worried about your outdoor gas lamps, these are the perfect ones to go for. They are made to survive the harsh weather outside and come in a durable hefty package. 

4. Flanged Mounted Indoor and Outdoor Gas Lamp Cap

There is also a flanged mounted cap that is not permanently sealed. With this one, you can adjust and take off anytime you want. Unlike the permanent one, you can use them in both indoors and outdoors. As they are pretty to look at, they are mainly used indoors. 

5. Rubber and Pressurized Gas Lamp Plugs

Last but not least, the good old rubber plugs. They are good for a few months to a year. It is more of an instant solution rather than a long-time one. 

The pressurized version on the other hand can go longer than normal rubber plugs and help keep the gas inside. 

Pro Tip: No matter how easy it sounds, getting professional help is the best way to deal with any gas lamps. As they are directly connected to the main gas lines, anything can lead to a big accident. So a professional will be the best choice in caping your gas lamps. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to remove a gas lamp post?

To remove your gas lamp post, you have to shut the main gas valve off. This can be situated in your house or in a separate place. Then dig around the post to get to the bottom of it. Before you can remove the lamp, you have to cap the bottom off permanently. Which is a very hard task. The best option would be to call the gas service provider and they will deal with it in an efficient manner. 

How to turn off an outdoor gas light?

To turn off an outdoor gas light, you will need a flattened head tool made for gas lamps. They resemble the looks of a flat-head screwdriver. There is a controller on the bottom of your lamp head. Screwing it will turn off your gas light completely and also turn it on. 

How do I convert a lamp post to solar?

If you want to convert your old lamp post to solar, you will need to remove the old electrical or gas lines from the post. If you are not a professional, it is not going to be easy and may also cause an accident. So professional help should be a must in this stage. After everything inside the post is removed, take off the lantern and clean it. You will also need to replace the old light/lamp inside the lantern. Clean the lantern and place the solar bulb on the post before placing it back on. Your solar panel will sit on top of the lantern head, so make sure it is flat and clean. Also, any obstacles above the panel will hamper charging. When everything is done, turn your solar lamp post on to check. Make sure to wear proper gear and contact professionals before you do anything. 

What is a wind guard on a gas lantern?

A wind guard is a cup-like object that sits on the base of the lamp. It surrounds the burner tip from the bottom so a gust of wind doesn’t blow it out. 


A gas lamp is more of a historical item nowadays than a light source. Either way, you have yo preserve the lamp for its value in time and its aesthetic. Caping your lamp not only ensures safety but also keeps the lamp in pristine condition. It may be manageable without a cap, but you cannot go leaving the safety out of your life while dealing with gas-powered objects. 

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